How can I apply?

Please go to the “Apply” page to download our application.

What qualifies an organization for a grant from Ray C. Fish Foundation?

Must be a Texas based 501(C)3 tax certified organization

What areas of interest is the Foundation funding?

Community Advancement, Education, Health and Arts

How does the Ray C. Fish Foundation grant giving process work?
  • Step 1: Download the Grant Application
  • Step 2: Fill out application and collect required materials
  • Step 3: Email grant proposal to grants@rcff.org with the Grant Application as the first page and BE SURE TO NUMBER EACH DOCUMENT AND ITS PAGES so that we may keep the proposal in order. Or you may mail ONE (1) hard copy of the proposal to 5120 Woodway Dr., Suite 9008, Houston, Texas 77056. DO NOT SEND WITH SIGNATURE REQUEST.
  • Step 4: Trustees review grant application and schedule site visit or request more information, if necessary
  • Step 5: Letter with check is mailed to Organization
  • Step 6: Send Sarah Young a letter of receipt
When do the Trustees meet?

Trustees do not have set meeting dates.

When is the deadline to apply for a grant?

There is no deadline. The Foundation’s grant giving process is ongoing.

How often can an organization apply?

Once per calendar year.

How do I submit my application ?

You may submit the proposal through email as ONE document to grants@rcff.org . If you are unable to send the document as one file, you must number your pages so we can print the proposal in order. You may also mail ONE copy of the proposal to the Foundation’s office (Address listed on the “Contact Us” page.)

Houston downtown